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New Pier & Deck Construction & Repair

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New Pier Construction
Dr. K Pier

Pier, Low Cut Pile

Floating Docks & Ramps

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Floating Dock & Ramp
Floating Dock & Ramp, Official
Floating Dock with Alum Ramp

Boat Lifts & Boat Lift Maintenance

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Dock Lift, PWC Beach
Lift & Wraparound Walkway

Official Pier with 2 Lifts

Bulkhead Construction, Retaining Walls

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Vinyl Bulkhead Official
Vinyl Bulkhead, Woods, Lake

Wooden Bulkhead

Pier Handrails, Benches & Fish Cleaning Stations

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Landcaster Farm Retaining Wall
Wooden Handrail
Wrap Around Bench

Boat House Roofs

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Bennett's Creek
Boat Lift & Boat House
Lee Pier, Williamsburg


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Deck, Pier Restoration
Pier, Restoration, Wooden

Boats, Pier Restoration

Shoreline Restoration

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Rip Rap Official
Shoreline Restoration, Shells

Dock & Stairs