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Dock and Pier

Repairing & Maintaining Boat Lifts and Other Marine Structures

Inlet Marine in Hampton Roads, Virginia, maintains and repairs boat lifts that often go neglected. We also perform deck repair, protect seafront structures with pile wraps, and work on shoreline restoration. Learn more about what we can construct and build for you.

Deck and Pier with Lifted Boats

Pier & Deck Repair & Restoration

Humidity, harsh weather, and the passing of years take a toll on waterfront fixtures. Inlet Marine makes your piers and decks last longer while looking as good as new.

Boat Lifts & Maintenance

Whether you have a powerboat, sailboat, pontoon boat, or another type of watercraft, Inlet Marine can construct and maintain a boat lift for your property. Many boat lifts do not see the regular maintenance they need and thus fall into disrepair. By putting your boat lift on a regular maintenance schedule with Inlet Marine, we'll assure you a safe and trouble-free season. Our boat lift maintenance includes:

• Grease Gears Fittings, Sheaves, Shafts, & Drives
• Inspect Belts & Pulleys & Tighten If Needed
• Check Bunk & Guide Bracket Spacings for Boat
• Tighten All Nuts On the Cradle Brackets, Check Mounting & Drive Bolts, Tighten If Necessary
• Check That Cradle Is Level
• Be Sure Cable Is Tight In The Cable Beckets & Clamps, Inspect All Cable Tie-Offs for Damaged Or Grayed Stands
• Check All Electrical Connections & Boxes, Test Remote, and GFI If Needed
• Center the Weight Of the Boat Onto the Lift, Mark the Position Of the Boat With The "Line Up the Guide Post Here" Stickers

Pile Wraps

Protect your wooden seafront structures from saltwater and marine borers, including various crustaceans and mollusks, with pile wraps. We have extensive experience with pile wrapping and can help assess your need for such protection.

Shoreline Restoration

The shorelines we build are beautiful, and we work hard to keep them that way. Inlet Marine offers complete shoreline restoration services to restore eroded shorelines while protecting them from potential erosion.